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Dog-Friendly Paddle Boarding (SUP) Nonprofit

Providing emergency veterinary funding for pets and marinelife through water sports.


It is the life-saving mission of Salty Dog Paddle to use water sports as a vehicle for raising funds and awareness for pets, Marinelife, and water safety throughout the globe. Salty Dog Paddle accomplishes this mission by offering dog-friendly stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) and surf lessons and eco-tours wherever volunteers are located. We use the paddleboard tours as an opportunity to teach participants positive behavioral training techniques for their dogs and educate participants about the importance of our Marine ecosystem.


It is the vision of Salty Dog Paddle that the domestic animal rescues we partner with will have enough funds to cover the costs associated with emergency medical treatment of the dogs they rescue and that our oceans are protected from pollution and harm to Marinelife. We envision a community where owner-surrender rates are reduced enough to eliminate the need for government-run kill shelters while reducing pollution in our oceans and ensuring participants understand the importance of our Marine ecosystem.

Community Outreach

Specific to community and social change, Salty Dog Paddle works with Operation 120 out of Palm Beach to educate the public about pets and use the fundraisers we host as a vehicle to teach owners proper handling techniques and positive behavioral reinforcement in order to reduce owner surrender rates. Along with the Pet Education Project (PET), our volunteer educators teach kids at the elementary school level about domestic animal interaction and training as an early intervention strategy against owners surrendering their pets.

Who we are

Salty Dog Paddle is a Palm Beach County-based 501(c)(3) public charity that uses water sports to raise emergency funding for both domestic animals as well as Marinelife in distress. We tie the bridges between land animals and marine animals!

Many of our “Salty Dog” volunteers including our founder include US Marine and Navy Veterans who are aquatic experts and ready to take you and your dog on an unforgettable adventure!

SUP Dog?

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About Salty Dog Paddle Charity

Providing emergency veterinary funding for pets and marinelife through water sports.
100% Volunteer-Based 501(c)(3) Public Charity

Salty Dog Paddle, headquartered in Palm Beach, FL is a volunteer-based public charity that offers dog-friendly SUP (stand-up paddleboarding) tours in order to raise funds for animals in distress as well as awareness for proper pet care and Marine resources conservation and water safety.

Salty Dog's service is mobile-based, so we have multiple drop-in sites throughout the United States. If you want a great time out with your best friend, whether four legged or just two then come join us for on unforgettable standup paddleboarding experience.

And remember that your four-legged friend is always FREE!

Salty Dogs of the Month

Each month we feature some true four-legged Salty Dogs


This sweet playful puppy (5 months old) was born with deformities on both his front legs. To no fault of his own he was born with these deformities due to over breeding from a puppy mill.
Nugget, who we can only assume was neglected and abused by her former owners, went for a walk off-leash and was attacked by a much larger, vicious dog nearly killing her. Read more


Puppy Mill Reject
This sweet playful puppy (5 months old) was born with deformities on both his front legs. To no fault of his own he was born with these deformities due to over breeding from a puppy mill. Read more

Mimi the Manchester Terrier

Help Mimi see again
The first half of Mimi’s life was not kind to her and we are fixing up that wear and tear, but with a personality like this; we won’t give up till we find the perfect person or family who will make the second half of her life, all worth it! Read more

Kano Happy Tail – Adopted!

Kano can walk again!
Thank you for all of our kind donations to give Kano a second chance at walking and life! Thanks to your kind donation he is now ready for his forever home. Read more

A victim of heat stroke during Hurricane Irma

Roscoe – our original Salty Dog Happy Tail
Thanks to your kind donations the original Salty Dog mascot, Roscoe, has been saved!!! As a result of hunkering down without power he suffered a severe case of heat stroke! Read more

Hurricane Harvey Horses Rescue

Equestrian Rescue Mission
In response to the devastation caused by flooding in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in Texas Salty Dog volunteers have sprung into action. In conjunction with the United States Humane Society, the charity’s focus is on larger animals Read more

Rufus Happy Tail – Adopted!

Thanks to your donations Rufus has a furever home
After several surgeries to restore his jaw after it was kicked in by his former owner Rufus has made a full recovery and has been adopted! Read more

Smokey Happy Tail – Adopted!

Thank you for helping Smokey Recover from his Burns
Smokey has made a full recovery and found his furever home Read more

Elliott Happy Tail – Adopted!

Elliott thanks all of you for the kind donations that will allow him to walk again! Read more

Mister Tyson Happy Tail

Rednose Pitbull
We are very pleased to update you that Mr. Tyson has made a full recovery and is now back at the beach being the Salty Dog he was born to be! Read more

RIP Romeo

Romeo will be remembered in all of our hearts as a reminder of why we Rescue
Salty Dog Paddle wants to thank everyone for being apart of this boys fight. We tried, but sometimes we can’t save them all. Read more

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