July 15, 2020

Salty Dog VIP Memberships

Become a VIP (very important paddler) with an exclusive membership!

Why would I want to become a member you ask? If you are an avid paddler, have a pet, or enjoy discounted outdoor activities, then this membership is for you! On average, members save $80 per month on vet visits and water sports activities through the charity as opposed to non-members. The best part is that since Salty Dog Paddle is an IRS-approved Public Charity, the $30 membership fee is a donation and can be deducted on your income tax return at the end of the year! That means you’ll automatically get $360 back on your year-end taxes if you are a member for a full year.

What is a Salty Dog exactly? Read about what the term means here…

Full Moon Paddle Peanut Island
Full Moon Paddle Peanut Island

Why Simply Paddle when, for $30 per month, you can Paddle with a Purpose?

10 Member Benefits

  1. Complimentary Attendance at all watersports events for free ($10 BYOB fee waived)
  2. Bring a friend along to any watersports events for free ($5 fee waived)
  3. 25% Discount on watersports equipment rentals, private eco tours, and lessons.
  4. 25% Discount on Paddling Certifications.
  5. 25% Discount on Watersports Equipment like the Salty Dog Retro SUP (save $225)
  6. Complimentary Entry into the SUP for Pups race or a comp’d rental at the event ($30 value)
  7. 1 Complimentary Pre-Release Salty Swag item shipped to you each season – get it before anyone else! ($20-30 value)
  8. 1 Free Veterinary Exam at a partner clinic ($150 value) and 15% off future services
  9. 30% Off and free shipping at Chewy
  10. Beach Cleanup Perks – be the first to get equipment before anyone else ($10 fee waived) We set a Guinness World Record in 2019 for a Beach Cleanup!

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