Address and Date Issues

The following questions are the most often questions we receive daily, so we decided to remove them from the Frequently Asked Questions page and give them their own dedicated page.

Address Issue

Question 1:
Your website won’t accept the address I’m trying to use for Delivery when making a reservation. What should I do? I’m copying and pasting it from your website locations page and it still won’t work.

Answer 1:
Input your home address or hotel instead and type in the location name into the text box instead.

Longer (and more boring) Explanation:
Launch site locations can change daily based on things like bacteria levels, tide, and parking (which in South Florida is a nightmare). The permits and licenses we hold are for the areas you will end up on at the midway point of your paddle. All the areas you will start at are accessible by car and have parking. The area you end up at may be an island. Please don’t try to drive to an island, but if you do just remember that “It’s Okay to Be Salty
” and we even sell a shirt you can wear to show if off!

Date Issue

Question 2:
Your website won’t let me select a date and time and is only displaying a pickup time for tomorrow morning. I would like to do a pickup 3 days from now at noon and it won’t let me choose that.

Answer 2:
You’re jumping the gun! The date and time selection are the last step in the process.

Simple fix: Select any date and time and input the date and time you would like into the text box instead.

Longer (and more boring) Explanation:
Unlike a hair appointment, as a watersports charity we don’t allow guests to choose when they want to go. You can certainly make a suggestion, but unlike other for-profit who let their guests drown in R.I.P. currents or get eaten by sharks at midnight (actually happened in Palm beach at a local watersport shop), our Certified Paddle Instructors will actually check weather and water conditions to find the optimal time and date for you as close to your suggestion as possible.