May 18, 2016

Mission & Vision

Salty Dog Paddle’s Mission:

Salty Dog Paddle is a nonprofit surf and SUP brand whose sole purpose is to save injured rescue dogs and marinelife.
By stepping up where animal rescues can’t.
Through the brand and dog-friendly water sports activities and events.

Salty Dog Paddle’s Vision:

To become a world-famous Surf and SUP brand that remains a nonprofit and generates enough funds so no animal has to suffer due to lack of resources.

Salty Dog Volunteers

Salty Dog Volunteers

Specific to community and social change, Salty Dog Paddle works with local schools (Grades K-12th) to educate our youth about pets and use the fundraisers we host as a vehicle to teach owners proper handling techniques and positive behavioral reinforcement in order to reduce owner surrender rates. In addition, along with the Pet Education Project (PET), our volunteer educators teach kids at the elementary school level about domestic animal interaction and training as an early intervention strategy against owners surrendering their pets.