May 18, 2016

Mission & Vision

Thanks to supporters like YOU, Salty Dog Paddle is now the largest Water Sports charity in the USA and the fastest growing animal organization that is structured as a 501c3 public charity, according to The best part is that we are also volunteer-based with no employees or staff members of any kind, so all the money we receive goes directly to the animals we support (We do not keep any portion)!

Salty Dog’s Mission:

It is the mission of Salty Dog to use water sports as a vehicle for raising funds and awareness for pets, marinelife, and water safety throughout the globe. Salty Dog accomplishes this mission by offering SUP and surf lessons and tours wherever volunteers are located. In addition, we work with other partner nonprofit organizations, businesses, and school districts to educate their communities on animal awareness and proper pet care and advocacy around the world!

Salty Dog’s Vision:

It is the vision of Salty Dog to ensure that the domestic animal rescues we partner with have enough funds to cover the costs associated with emergency medical treatment of the pets they rescue while ensuring that pet owners in those areas understand the importance of proper pet care in order to reduce owner-surrender rates. Additionally, we also educate the participants about Marine resources conservation and water safety while on the paddleboarding tours and excursions.

Salty Dog Volunteers

Salty Dog Volunteers

Specific to community and social change, Salty Dog Paddle works with Operation 120 to educate the public about pets and use the fundraisers we host as a vehicle to teach owners proper handling techniques and positive behavioral reinforcement in order to reduce owner surrender rates. In addition, along with the Pet Education Project (PET), our volunteer educators teach kids at the elementary school level about domestic animal interaction and training as an early intervention strategy against owners surrendering their pets.

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