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What is a Salty Dog?

Salty Dog is a state of mind that It's Okay to be Salty! Semper Fi




Salty Dog Paddle is a nonprofit surf and SUP brand whose sole purpose is to save injured rescue dogs and marinelife.
By stepping up where animal rescues can’t.
Through the brand and dog-friendly water sports activities and events.




It is the vision of Salty Dog Paddle to become a world-famous Surf and SUP brand that remains a nonprofit and generates enough funds so no animal has to suffer due to lack of resources.

Salty Swag

Salty Swag

100% of the sale of our Salty Swag benefits a different severely injured rescue dog each month, which we refer to as our “Salty Dog of the month.” Click HERE to view our current inventory!

How it Works

The How

Not only does our Salty Swag benefit an injured rescue dog, as a nonprofit SUP & Surf brand, all the proceeds from any watersport’s activity including stand-up paddleboarding rentals, lessons, or private tours, and surf lessons also benefits that same Salty Dog!

Salty Swag Store
"Every Purchase Saves a Pup"

About Salty Dog Paddle

Surf Clothing and Apparel, Stand-Up Paddleboarding Lessons and Tours, and Events all benefiting injured rescue dogs!
SUP for Pups - all proceeds donated! Oorah

Salty Dog Paddle is a state of mind. Whether the mind of a canine, human, or sea turtle - It’s Okay to be Salty! What started out as a small family-owned surf shop in Cocoa Beach, Florida in the late 1970s, Salty Dog Paddle is now the largest paddle sports public charity in America! It boasts over 150 volunteers across the United States with headquarters in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Since becoming a nonprofit in 2015 Salty Dog Paddle has partnered with over 30 animal rescues and marinelife organizations to save hundreds of animals and clean our beaches and oceans. The best part about our brand is that all of our proceeds benefit the animals we save – we do not keep any portion! So, whether you want to purchase some Salty Swag, take a paddleboarding lesson, attend a party paddle, or just attend one of our out-of-water events, you’ll know that all the money we receive is going back to the animals we support!

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Salty Dogs of the Month

Each month we feature some true four-legged Salty Dogs that - with your help - will have a second chance at life. View the Happy Tails


Dog covered in chemical burns needs our help
Archer is Between 1-2 years old and just a very sweet boy. The severe burns you see on his back were caused by chemicals. Rescue Archer

Little Bean Happy Tail

2-week-old Chinese crested puppy saved from Mill
Meet our Salty Dog of the month for August, “Little Bean.” This 2-week-old Chinese crested pup was rescued from a puppy mill. He needs a cleft pallet surgery once he is 8 weeks old. It’s a miracle he is alive today! Save Little Bean

Dutch – Happy Tail

Staffy pup gets a second chance!
Dutch was rescued from a terrible situation with the help of police in Feb. It was discovered he had six foreign objects in his stomach and intestines that he ate out of starvation when he was with the former owner. Help Dutch

Sawyer – Happy Tail

Sawyer now has enough funds to have a tumor removed from his ear in order to save his life
Meet our Salty Dog of the month for of June, Sawyer. We chose Sawyer because the chances of making a full recovery are high despite his condition! Sawyer has a growing tumor infiltrating his ear canal and causing him severe pain, so he needs surgery to remove it ASAP before it spreads” Continue reading

Shiloh – Happy Tail

Shiloh is one of our volunteer’s Salty Dogs who now needs our help
This month’s Salty Dog hits very close to home. Meet Shiloh – this sweet girl is one of our volunteer’s dogs. Shiloh has suddenly been diagnosed with cancer unexpectedly, and needs the mass removed and chest X-rays to confirm that it has not spread Donate

Skylar Happy Tail – Adopted!

Husky was hit by a car and abandoned
Skylar was recently hit by a car that shattered her hip. Following the accident her owners decided that they didn’t want her anymore. More on Skylar

Luna Happy Tail – Adopted!

Lets give this discarded puppy a Christmas Miracle
Luna, a little puppy only a few weeks old, was pulled from the highest kill shelter in Texas. She was surrendered covered in fleas & ticks and had a dislocated hind left leg and a fractured left tibia Saved

Bianca Happy Tail – Up for Adoption

Bianca can walk again!
We raised funds for her sister’s orthopedic surgeries (Lea) as well as laser therapy for Bianca. Unfortunately, the laser therapy did not help enough to save her leg and her specialists have recommended that her only option is to amputate. Rescued

Thor Happy Tail – Adopted!

Thor was left for dead at a County shelter by his former owners because he couldn’t walk
Thor is a five-month-old Husky puppy and was recently rescued. Based on our specialist’s examination, Thor has a spinal condition that is preventing him from being able to walk. Adopt me

Shadow Happy Tail – Adopted!

German Shepherd saved from Euthanization at Miami public shelter
Shadow is a 3-year-old German Shepherd who was pulled from the County Miami Dade shelter after an urgent plea was sent out about euthanizing her Read further

Wylie Happy Tail – ADOPTED!

Puppy was thrown out of a moving vehicle by his former owner
Wylie is a 9-month old puppy that was thrown out of a car window by his former owner while driving. He will need extensive surgery to correct his legs and hips. More about Wylie

Destiny happy tail – ADOPTED!

Dog was dragged 1/2 mile on the road and underwent 10 surgeries.
Destiny was tied to the back of a bumper and dragged a half mile before the Palm Beach Sheriff pulled over the vehicle. More about Destiny

"SUP for Pups" - Why just SUP when you can SUP to save a Pup?

Salty Dog Events

Check out our upcoming fundraisers and stand-up paddle boarding events! Continue reading...