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What is a Salty Dog?

Salty Dog is a state of mind that It's Okay to be Salty! Semper Fi



It is the life-saving mission of Salty Dog Paddle to use paddle sports as a vehicle for raising funds and awareness for pets, Marinelife, and water safety throughout the globe. Salty Dog Paddle accomplishes this mission by offering dog-friendly stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) and surf lessons and eco-tours wherever volunteers are located. Salty Dog uses the paddleboard tours as an opportunity to teach participants positive behavioral training techniques for their dogs and educate participants about the importance of our Marine ecosystem.



It is the vision of Salty Dog Paddle that the domestic animal rescues we partner with will have enough funds to cover the costs associated with emergency medical treatment of the dogs they rescue and that our oceans are protected from pollution and harm to Marinelife. Salty Dog envisions a community where owner-surrender rates are reduced enough to eliminate the need for government-run kill shelters while reducing pollution in our oceans and ensuring participants understand the importance of our Marine ecosystem.

Salty Swag

The purchase of any Salty Dog clothing or apparel item finances our emergency fund for animals in distress. Salty Dog supplements the costs our partner animal rescues and marinelife organizations have to face by selling our signature line of clothing and apparel, called Salty Swag.

The costs of the raw materials Salty Dog uses in the manufacturing process of our Salty Swag brand have been covered by our sponsors, which you can read about on our sponsors page above. Without them, it would not be possible to donate 100% of the sale of our merchandise to the animals Salty dog helps save.

How it Works

“Every Purchase Saves a Pup.”

The purchase of a hat for $15 and shirt for $20 can pay for food for a rescue dog for an entire month or a rabies tag. The purchase of two shirts and two hats can do both! Salty Dog has plenty of different styles to choose from so we promise you’ll find something that embodies your Salty style…

Better yet, if you decide to embark on a paddleboarding tour, lesson, or excursion you can pay for a rescue dog to be spayed or neutered! The more you spend… the more you can help!

Surfboard or Paddleboard

About Salty Dog Paddle

Surf Clothing and Apparel, SUP Lessons and Tours, and Events all benefiting animals!
Every penny we receive goes directly back to the animals we support! Oorah!

Salty Dog is a state of mind. Whether the mind of a canine, human, or sea turtle It’s Okay to be Salty! What started out as a small family-owned surf shop in Cocoa Beach, Florida in the 1970s, Salty Dog Paddle is now the largest paddle sports public charity in America! It boasts over 150 volunteers across the United States with headquarters in Palm Beach County, Florida. Since becoming a nonprofit in 2015 Salty Dog has partnered with over 30 animal rescues and marinelife organizations to save hundreds of animals and clean our beaches and oceans. The best part about our brand is that all of our proceeds benefit the animals we save – we do not keep any portion! So, whether you want to buy some pawsome Salty Swag, take a paddleboarding eco-tour, go on a group excursion, or just attend one of our events, you’ll know that every penny you spend is going back to the animals we support!

Salty Dogs of the Month

Each month we feature some true four-legged Salty Dogs. View the Happy Tails


Help give pitbull used for breeding and fighting a second chance
We rescued this poor pitbull that was used for breading and dog fighting. The previous “owner” came to my clinic to euthanize her because she wasn’t useful anymore. In his words “she was just a problem he wanted to get rid of.” Continue

Lea and Bianca – Saved!

Two dogs rescued from the streets of Albania
We selected two very special Salty Dogs from Albania. Without our help they would have been left to die there. All the transportation expenses have already been covered; we are now only raising funds to pay for their orthopedic surgeries. More

Joel Happy Tail – Up for Adoption

Staffy puppy run over by car has been saved and is now up for adoption!
Joel was found in a pool of his own blood. He had been hit by a car and left to die. He was taken to hospital where they had to partially amputate his tail and ear due to it being dead-tissue Continue

Milo Happy Tail – Up for Adoption

Milo can see again!
Milo’s owners couldn’t afford to treat his diabetes and when he became blind from cataracts they dumped him to be euthanized click to view more

Trip Happy Tail – ADOPTED!

Husky puppy was dumped and left to die
Trip has a fractured pelvis, three broken legs, broken teeth, open wounds, and was covered in fleas and ticks continue reading

Atlas Happy Tail – ADOPTED!

Puppy had his hind leg amputated
Atlas is a 4 months old German Shepherd that was born with leg abnormalities including muscle atrophy and femoral anteversion More about Atlas

Hurricane Michael Rescue Mission

500 Animals Saved from Hurricane Michael
Thanks to your kind support and donations our rescue partners were able to pull out over 500 domestic animals that are now safe Full Story on Hurricane Michael

Zelda Happy Tail – ADOPTED!

Puppy was born with deformities and needed emergency surgery
Zelda was 10 weeks old weighing only 4.6lbs. That is normally the size of a 2-week-old shepherd puppy. She was not able to hold down food Read Zelda’s story

Destiny happy tail – ADOPTED!

Dog was dragged 1/2 mile on the road and underwent 10 surgeries.
Destiny was tied to the back of a bumper and dragged a half mile before the Palm Beach Sheriff pulled over the vehicle. More about Destiny

Pearl Happy Tail – ADOPTED!

Pearl – discarded dog found in a canal
Pearl was found as a stray with another dog floating in a canal. Both were severely water logged and sick with demodex (mange), but Pearl’s case the most severe we have ever seen. About Pearl

Pepsi Happy Tail

Owners decided they didn’t want him after running away
Pepsi was found as a stray and taken to Animal Care and Control in West Palm Beach. He was examined and found to have a dislocated knee, and as a result, a twisted shin. Pepi’s story

Kanga Happy Tail – ADOPTED!

Kanga can see again!
Kanga who was rescued from MDAS and saved from being brought back where she would have been killed as an owner-surrender. More about Kanga

Nugget Happy Tail – ADOPTED!

Neglected, abused, and viciously attacked by another dog
Nugget, who we can only assume was neglected and abused by her former owners, went for a walk off-leash and was attacked by a much larger, vicious dog nearly killing her. More on Nugget

Boomer Happy Tail – up for adoption!

Puppy Mill Reject will walk again!
This sweet playful puppy (5 months old) had deformities on both his front legs. To no fault of his own he was born with these deformities due to over breeding from a puppy mill. Read on

RIP Romeo

Romeo will be remembered in all of our hearts as a reminder of why we Rescue
Salty Dog Paddle wants to thank everyone for being apart of this boys fight. We tried, but sometimes we can’t save them all. Romeo’s story

"Every Purchase Saves a Pup"

Salty Dog Events

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