Nominate our Next Salty Dog of the Month


What is a Salty Dog of the Month?

Salty Dog Paddle strives to do everything and anything we can to save the lives of severely injured domestic animals or marinelife in America. Our goal is to help those animals that no one else is either willing or able to.

Each month our Board of Advisors chooses a nominated a pet or marine animal to receive 100% of the income (including donations) the charity receives for one full month. This includes all watersports activities, sale of our Salty Swag, and all the donations we receive at events and fundraisers during that month.

Whether it’s a rescue mission, trauma, illness, or a life-threatening situation, we will do out very best to save lives and give these animals a second chance in this world, since we believe that it’s okay to be salty…

Check out our Happy Tails to see our past Salty Dogs of the Month and the lives we have changed so far.

How do I nominate a Salty Dog of the month?

To nominate an animal to be the salty dog of the month, simply fill out the application located here and tell us why you believe this animal will benefit from this nomination, and specifically how we can help. If you are on Facebook you can also join our “Salty Dogs” group and post photos and a short biography about the animal you are nominating, which our Board of Advisors will see directly.

There is no specific breed, age, gender, location or species required to be a Salty Dog of the month, except we ask that the nominee needs to be an animal that is in need of emergency medical care or life-saving actions. We do not assist with routine or preventative care that nonprofit vets provide services for.

A nominee could be a stray pet that has been rescued, a family pet, a marine animal, or even a service dog. The owner must simply agree to us issuing the funds directly to the treating veterinarian and to keep us updated on the Salty Dog if chosen. If there is ever an issue with that animal, they must also agree to notify us first so we can be given the chance to step in and help. We offer these post-care services pro bono to any rescue or individual applying. Moreover, their first vet visit after being adopted or placed in Foster Care is covered by us!

So, if you know an animal that needs our help for a second chance at life, please nominate them now!

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