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What is a Salty Dog of the Month?

Salty Dog Paddle strives to do everything and anything we can to save the lives of innocent dogs and marine life.

Each month our volunteers get together and choose a nominated dog or animal in which we feel could benefit the most from our relentless effort and donations.

Whether it is a rescue mission, trauma, illness, or a life-threatening situation, we will do out very best to save lives and give these animals a second chance in this world.

Once chosen, this pup or animal will solely receive the funds that are kindly donated at events, activities, and fundraisers, for an entire month!

Check out our Happy Tails to see our past Salty Dogs of the Month and the lives we have changed thus far.

How do I nominate a Salty Dog of the month?

To nominate a dog or an animal to be the salty dog of the month, simply fill out the contact page and tell us why you believe this animal will benefit from this nomination, and how we can help.

There is no specific breed, age, gender, location or species required to be a Salty Dog of the month, except we ask that the nominee needs to be a pet that is in need of emergency medical care or life-saving actions.
A nominee could be a stray that has been rescued, a family pet, or even a service dog/animal.

So if you know a dog or animal that needs our help for a second chance, please nominate them now!

Salty Dog of the month

Salty Dog of the month

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