Husky Puppy

Double Your Donations to Help a Husky Puppy Walk Again

Thor is a five-month-old Husky puppy and was recently rescued from the Miami Dade County Shelter. Based on our specialist’s examination, Thor has a spinal condition that is preventing him from being able to walk. He is starting immediate intense rehabilitation and will need rehab for 30+ days to see if we can increase his quality of life and his mobility.

Dog Broken Leg

German Shepherd saved from Euthanization at Miami public shelter

Meet our Salty Dog for the month of September, Shadow. Shadow a 3-year-old German Shepherd who was pulled from the County Miami Dade shelter after an urgent plea was sent out about euthanizing her. Poor Shadow had a broken leg, a mammary tumor, and a tooth with an exposed nerve. She also needs to be spayed after the urgent surgeries are performed. Despite all this pain & neglect, the rescue who transported her from the shelter (SHARE) said she is very sweet and could tell from the first time they save her that she deserved a second chance at life.

Camelot Hang Twenty

Pet-friendly Hang-Twenty Party West Palm Beach Oct. 11th

Pet-friendly Hang-Twenty Party West Palm Beach – Salty Dog Paddle takes over Camelot for a nautical themed pet-friendly Hang-Twenty Party. What is usually an exclusive members-only monthly party, the venue is now opening to our supporters for the first time!!! All Salty Dogs (hooman or doggo) are invited to come out and help save our Salty Dog of the Month!