SUP for Pups

SUP for Pups 2019 Intracoastal Challenge Sep 1st

SUP for Pups will take place on Sunday, September 1, 2019 in Deerfield Beach, Florida. This is the first Challenge Salty Dog Paddle has solely hosted since Surfs Up Dogs, which took place in 2013. Like that event, the purpose of this challenge will be the same; to raise money for injured rescue dogs and marinelife. The charity pledges that 100% of all proceeds from the challenge will be used for that purpose.

Husky Emergency Lung Surgery

Husky survives emergency pneumothorax surgery

Venus is a Husky puppy that was surrendered by her previous owners. When she arrived to our partner animal shelter, she was extremely emaciated and malnourished. In addition, she required emergency pneumothorax surgery to remove a part of her lung. Being given up to a shelter, arriving at the rescue, and immediately undergoing major open chest surgery has been extremely overwhelming for her, but this extremely sweet girl is handling such an awful situation with grace as she recovers at her foster parents’ home.