Help Save Chips the Salt Kured Mascot

Chips needs emergency Cystectomy and Pituitary surgery.

From Chip’s Owner

Chips is my first pet – he has taught me so much over the years & has helped me through some tough times. We have traveled together, moved to different states & at this point I’m convinced we understand each other. He has been a part of my life since he was 3 weeks old & his spots are literally a part of the SALT KURED logo – he has always been healthy until recently.

Raising the funds for his surgery has been hard: I am currently a Full-time student with a Full-time job. I also live on my own & run my own business, Salt Kured. I found out last month in March that Chips needs two different surgeries, which can be done at the same time.

I took Chips to my personal vet in March because I noticed something was off. After 4 x-rays, blood/urine tests, basically the works – I found out that he has cystine crystals in his bladder & there are some that are too big for him to pass on his own. I was also notified of enlarged glands that would need surgery to reduce in size. He was given a new food diet & two different prescriptions – to aid with inflammation & prevent the cysts from getting worse.

After that I went back to his vet to pick up the refills for his prescriptions & was told that I needed to sit. Although I was aware of the possibility of surgeries – I wasn’t prepared to hear that my vet wouldn’t be the one performing them. I had to find a different facility to handle both surgeries & his aftercare which could be 2+ days and was luckily referred to BluePearl Specialty + Emergency Pet Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, which has Chips scheduled for surgery on April 6th. Blue Pearl, who is a corporate Sponsor of Salty Dog Paddle, has promised to discount the surgery by 20% and let me defer the payment until after April. Please consider donating or using some of Salty Dog’s services to help save Chip – 100% will go towards him for the entire month of April!
-Brittney Noelle, Owner

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