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German Shepherd saved from Euthanization at Miami public shelter

Meet our Salty Dog for the month of September, Shadow. Shadow a 3-year-old German Shepherd who was pulled from the County Miami Dade shelter after an urgent plea was sent out about euthanizing her. Poor Shadow had a broken leg, a mammary tumor, and a tooth with an exposed nerve. She also needs to be spayed after the urgent surgeries are performed. Despite all this pain & neglect, the rescue who transported her from the shelter (SHARE) said she is very sweet and could tell from the first time they save her that she deserved a second chance at life.

Rescue dogs

Two best friends left for dead in Albania are saved

The funds raised will pay for Lea’s orthopedic surgery and physical therapy as well as Bianca’s physical therapy, laser treatments and possible amputation. Bianca has begun laser treatment and Lea starts pre-operative physical therapy next week. Both girls will be in Foster homes before and after surgery (after being released from the hospital). Our ultimate goal is to place them both in an adoptive home and we would love for them to stay together!

German Shepherd Puppy

Atlas The Discarded Puppy Happy Tail

Meet our Salty Dog for November. Atlas is a 4 month old German Shepherd that was born with leg abnormalities including muscle atrophy and femoral anteversion on his hind leg. Atlas was found by a police officer with his sibling in a box. The police officer immediately brought in both dogs to Knowles Animal Clinic Read more about Atlas The Discarded Puppy Happy Tail[…]


Dog dragged by truck half a mile along the road has been adopted

You may have read about Destiny’s story. Any way that we attempt to put into words what happened to this poor 2-3 year old pup simply does not do her justice. Destiny was tied to the bumper of a pickup truck and forgotten about. Her former owner got into his truck and drove away with Read more about Dog dragged by truck half a mile along the road has been adopted[…]

german shepherd puppy

Puppy was born with deformities is adopted

Meet Zelda the German Shepherd puppy, our Salty Dog of the month for September. Zelda is 10 weeks old weighing only 4.6lbs. That is normally the size of a 2-week-old shepherd puppy. She is not able to hold down food and will need emergency surgery to correct this. X-rays show that she had a vascular Read more about Puppy was born with deformities is adopted[…]