Redeeming a Groupon Coupon

We are pleased to announce that Groupon has signed on as a Sponsor of all of our in-person events! Groupon is offering a 50% Off Coupon to all Salty Dog hosted events in Florida, Southern California, and the Pacific Northwest through the remainder of 2021.


Looking for an Event to use the 50% Off Coupon on? Check out our Event Section for Full Moon Paddles, Yappy Hours, Puppy Social Paddles, SUP for Pups, Barks Babes & Bros and more!

Events for Groupon Coupons

View the Coupon here

Groupon’s Terms for the Coupon

Terms AKA “The Catch”

This means that you cannot use a coupon for a charitable service – anything we donate 100% of the proceeds from to our Salty Dog of the month – we can’t split that with Groupon.

How to Redeem

If you purchased the coupon from above that means you’re probably ready to use it. But not to worry, coupons last for 1 year and can be redeemed at any time if you aren’t yet ready or don’t see an event you would like to attend.

Click the link below to Enter your Payment Information for the Groupon and we will email you a voucher code worth $100 that can be used as a discount for any Event.

Click HERE to redeem

Redeem your Groupon HERE

Contact Groupon

Dial (888) 375-5777 or (312) 334-1579