Frequently Asked Questions

Read these FAQs – they might just avoid a wipe out…!

Wipe Out

Wipe Out

Where are you located?
We are mobile-based, so we are located whoever you are or would like to paddle! We have suggested areas to paddle listed on our website under “Locations”.

How much does it cost?
It’s $99 for a lesson OR tour for 2 people, $45 per person for a group lesson or tour, or $50 for a rental.

How do I pick the day and location?
Once you check out online, there will be a box on the checkout page near the “Total” where you can enter a note for us like your preferred date, time, and location.

What times are you available?
Our tour guides are standing by from 8am – 7pm, so they can take you any time during the day. However, you must have a reservation and we will check the weather conditions prior to confirming.

How many people do you need to have a group tour or excursion? It’s just my husband and I.
Group paddles are for 3 or more paddlers including children. The private tours are for 2 paddlers. 

What if you have to cancel for weather?
You may either use the credit in the future or you may receive a refund.

How do I know who will be my tour guide or SUP instructor?
Our volunteer will text or phone you the day of the paddle with their contact information.

What’s included with a rental?
We include the stand-up paddleboard and all safety equipment with rentals or tours.

I paid, but how will I know where to go?
We will email you the details of your paddle. Please be sure to check all of our email folders.

Can I rent a board even if I’ve never paddled before? I’m a good kayaker.
No. We would recommend a lesson or tour if you are not a proficient paddler.

Can my kids come with me?
Yes! If they’re expert swimmers and weigh over 100 lbs they can have their own board or we can place them on a two-person board with you (one child per adult). The price is for 2 paddlers either way.

How will I know where my money is going?
We are a public charity, so our finances are al public information. Rest assured that each month every penny we receive goes directly to the featured Salty Dog of the month unless we are doing a marine-life event, which will be specified in the event.

I don’t have a dog; can I still go paddling?
Yes! The name Salty Dog is a nautical term – it actually has nothing to do with our four-legged friends.

Can you teach my dog how to surf?
No. Surf lessons are for humans only who must be expert swimmers.

Can you find a home for my dog?
We aren’t a rescue but we have a bunch of rescues we help listed on our website under “Partners”

What events do you have coming up?
Events are listed on the “Events” page on the website

If I buy a hat how much goes to the dogs?
100% of all money we receive goes directly to the animals we support. We are a volunteer-based charity with no paid employees, so regardless of whether you make a donation, attend an event, or buy some Salty Swag, all the money goes to the animals.

How do I use my Groupon for a private lesson or tour?
Groupons can only be used for events as stated in the terms of the deal.

I can’t pay for my dog’s vet bill; can you help me?
Maybe! You can apply to make your dog the Salty Dog of the month. The details are listed on our website. Your dog must have undergone emergency medical care to qualify.

I run a 501c3 rescue and can’t afford an emergency surgery on one of our dogs, can you help me?
Yes! You can apply to make your dog the Salty Dog of the month. The details are listed on our website.

My friend can’t keep her dog. Is there anything you can do for her?
We aren’t a rescue, but we do have rescues listed on our website under “Partners”.

I read about a Salty Dog of the month who you saved. How do I find out about adopting her?
We are not a rescue, so we don’t adopt out dogs, but we do post updates on the dogs we help on our Facebook page. If a rescue has agreed to take over custody of the dog we are helping you would have to apply through the rescue.

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