Healthy Dog: 6 Everyday Tips to Live By

Dogs are an integral part of your life if they become a part of your family. You have to take care of these creatures in the same way as you would of those tiny human babies. However, at one point, your human babies will learn to talk and communicate with you what they feel.

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However, at one point in time, the human babies will learn how to speak and communicate what they feel, etc. However, with dogs, as time passes, you will have to understand your dog’s language. They do tend to make different noises when they act a certain way, making growling or barking noises a different way.

So, if you understand your dog, you will be able to understand your dog and keep them healthy. So, whether you own German shepherd puppies or any other dog breed, the method is quite simple and applied to all kinds of dogs.

In the tips we have mentioned below, we have listed down how you can keep your dog healthy no matter what.

Everyday Tips to Live by to Ensure your Dog’s Health

According to research by Oha journals, as a dog owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your dog’s physical and mental health. And in return, it will give you a lot of joy and happiness and reduce your stress levels.

Here are a few tips for you to keep your dogs healthy and happy!

1.      Food

If you are getting a new dog, you are probably thinking how much do you need to feed the dog for it to be enough and stay healthy? It is the same question we ask our pediatricians for our tiny human babies.

For you to understand food portions, you need to understand that this depends on your dog’s breed, age, size to contemplate how much food your dog needs. If it were left to the dog’s will, they would keep eating endlessly. But you need to have some portion control for your dogs in place. Choose a dog food that has all the nutrients in it, and then just follow the instructions that are mentioned on the side of the bag.

2.      Water

Your dogs need to hydrate themselves just like us humans do, which is why you need to keep reminding them and also always have a bowl of fresh, clean water ready for your dog to sip. The real struggle is that you need to keep reminding your dog that he needs to drink.

According to pet MD, your dog should be having 1 ounce of water, which equals to 1/4th cup of water per pound of your dog’s body weight each day. Sometimes you might face a struggle from your dog and see that they won’t drink water that easily, but that is where you need to get firm because, for good health, your dog needs to drink the appropriate amount of water.

3.      Exercise

Just like food and water, exercise is equally an important part that will contribute to your dog’s health.So, while taking your dog out regularly for walks in the park is recommended, it is also important that you indulge them with some exercises as well.

These exercises are usually incorporated in training sessions of your dog. You need to make sure that you keep your dog active every single day; this can be in the form of swimming, playing tug-of-war, or hide and seek. You can also play the classic game of fetch. The key is to keep your dog on the move and help them release some of that energy in the playground. You can also play some games in the house.

4.      Grooming and Pampering

Just like we like some massages and pedicures, the same goes for dogs. They love pampering. So, you can do that at home, or you can book an appointment for them as well in the salon. The key is to take care of personal hygiene and groom them.

Have you ever seen those cute videos of dogs getting their nails done? Sometimes grooming is essential as well, in terms of getting rid of ticks and getting baths, etc. This will ensure that your dog is free from all sorts of parasites etc.

5.      Vet visits

A human baby requires a monthly visit to the pediatrician; similarly, if you get a new dog, you require a visit to the vet after every two weeks in the start. This is to make sure that your dog is vaccinated enough and is not going through any sorts of infections or dealing with ticks or fleas.

A vet will tell you all sorts of things that you might not even notice your dog needs. For example, some extra care to his or her ears, or even if the dog needs some special obedience tips or help you understand when your dog is being anxious and how you can deal with it.

6.      Oral Care

Oral care is the most overlooked element in the dog’s hygiene. However, for your dog to stay healthy, you need to take care of your dog’s oral hygiene the same as you would for your own self. Start with good brushing habits when your dog is young, which will get him used to dental care and therefore prevent other sorts of health problems.

You can check your dog’s teeth and gums’ color to make sure they are healthy or not. If not, you can take him to a vet or invest in food that also ensures good oral health for your dog.

You Can Now Have Healthy and Happy Dogs!

Taking care of a dog is not as easy as you might think. You need to take care of it, just like you would of a human baby. We have mentioned in this article the very basic needs of the dog that you need to keep in mind to ensure they stay healthy; the tip includes taking care of dogs’ food, water, oral health, Grooming, and vet visits, etc.