Dog covered in chemical burns needs our help

Meet out Salty Dog for October. Archer is Between 1-2 years old and just a very sweet boy. It is horrible to imagine the type of person who would dump a dog at the shelter in this condition. Leaving all responsibility and accountability for their pet at the door. The severe burns you see on his back were caused by chemicals.


Archer likely had some sort of harsh chemical poured on his back. Then, as if pouring salt in his wounds, he was left at the shelter to suffer. Thankfully, I Heart Animal Rescue has stepped up to care for him and we will not rest until he is completely healed and adopted.

His initial vet visit was very costly, and he will need continuous wound care to reverse the damage done to him. Archer will receive 100% of all sales for the rest of September and the month of October.

Thank you so much for your gracious support.

Dog covered in chemical burns needs our help
Rescue Dog with 3rd Degree Chemical Burns
3rd Degree Chemically Burned Rescue Dog

Update as of November 1st: Thanks to your kind donations Archer has made a full recovery and is looking forward to happy future in his forever home!