Staffy Pup gets a second chance

Meet our Salty Dog of the month for June, Dutch. He is an 8-9 year old staffy who was rescued from a terrible situation with the help of police in February. It was discovered he had six foreign objects in his stomach and intestines. The six objects turned out to be pieces of a hard-plastic ball that he ate out of starvation when he was with the former owner. The vet said he needed emergency surgery so his rescuers (and now forever family) personally paid to have the plastic surgically removed. They said that they could not imagine losing him that way after saving him from abuse, neglect, and starvation.

Fast forward to June, his new family discovered he has an enlarged prostate due to not being neutered and requires an emergency neuter to alleviate the pressure on his prostate. Our goal for June is to help Dutch have that surgery and will be passing along 100% of anything we receive directly to the veterinarian performing the surgery.

“Dutch is between eight and nine years old, is otherwise healthy and by far the most loving dog ever! He loves his “sister” Mia, our other rescue and absolutely loves people.” – Carrie W. (new owner)

UPDATE as of July 17th: We did it! Thanks to your kind support we raised enough to save Dutch who is on the way to recovery and a long life!