Dog was dragged a half mile on the road and needs our help

Meet the Salty Dog of the month for July. Destiny was accidentally tied to the back of a bumper and dragged ~1/2 mile before the Palm Beach Sheriff pulled over the vehicle. The owner had no idea the dog was attached to the bumper! So unbelievably sad! The dog actually walked into our partner’s vet clinic with four paws lacerated and multiple wounds throughout her body from all of the road rash that will most likely need several operations in the future.

Her name is Destiny and she’s about 3yrs old.

The poor thing is such a mess; however, she has been nothing but sweet and gentle with us. She arrived at the Pet Emergency and Referral Center in Palm Beach Gardens on Thursday evening escorted by two sheriffs.

All the money we receive for the month of July including Salty Swag will be going towards Destiny’s veterinary bills.

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