Salty Dog

This Salty Dog can walk again

Meet Ludacris! This sweet boy is 7 years young and needs our help! Poor Luda suffered severe damage to his knee and attached ligaments and needs surgery in order to walk again. Can you help us raise enough funds to get this sweet pup back to his old happy self?! Luda loves being active, playing at the beach and going paddleboarding. He is a true Salty Dog! 100% of donations and sales from all of our Salty Dog Swag and apparel will go directly towards his medical care.

Otep Shamaya

RIP Annie Christ

Shannon Michelle Atchley originally adopted Annie Christ in 2006 at a dog rescue in Los Angeles, California. Shannon likes to think that Annie adopted Shannon or rescued her at least. With her other rescue dog Chloe Commander, the three of them toured the world together with Shannon’s band, Otep. Earlier this year, Annie stopped playing with Chloe and Shannon noticed something was wrong. Annie was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor that was bigger than her eye. It is compressing her brain and causing seizures. Salty Dog decided to make Annie our Salty Dog of the month for April 2013 and all funds donated will be used for that purpose!