RIP – Romeo

With a heavy heart and tears in our eyes, this is our final update on Romeo.

Salty Dog Paddle wants to thank everyone for being apart of this boys fight. We tried, but sometimes we can’t save them all.
We can be grateful we all helped this boy live out some of his last days surrounded by love, happiness and snuggles.

RIP our Sweet Sweet Romeo ♥️♥️♥️

Full story by his rescuers POPO Pitbulls below:

With a broken heart we share with you all that we have come to the end of the road for our loverboy, Romeo.

With a bleak prognosis at best, we rallied – we tried everything – and in the end, the amount of damage done was too great to heal. Romeo would live the rest of his life catheterized and sedated with zero control of his bowels. He would suffer chronic bladder infections, skin lesions and continuous nerve deterioration. He is now at peace and free of pain.

There are some thank you’s owed to those that made Romeo’s month as a POPO Pitbull peaceful and love-filled:

💙 Dr. Archie – there are no words for you. We owe everything to Archie Kleopfer Veterinary Care. Everything. If there has ever been a man that refused to give up, it is Dr. Archie. Dr. Archie, we know you are feeling this as much as we are and we are forever grateful for your generosity, determination, perseverance and strength. We called you Romeo’s Quarterback but you were more like Romeo’s hero.
💙 Elizabeth and Adam – the only thing that has made this heartbreaking journey any easier is knowing that Romeo felt like he was part of a family. He had a “home” with foster parents, fur siblings and a beautiful yard. You reminded him that he was a dog and he forgot he was broken when he was with you. Opening your arms and hearts for his last night was the ultimate act and example of love conquering sadness. You are two very special people.
💙 All of our kind-hearted supporters – your shares and donations made it possible for us to try everything we could to help him. You gave him that shot. Thank you is never enough.

To Romeo; you brought together so many people – people who would otherwise never have met – with a common goal. One of love and compassion and hope. We hope you felt fought for and loved and part of a huge rescue family. Thank you for uniting us. We are all family now because of you.

-Salty Dog Paddle