Mimi the Manchester Terrier Happy Tail

Mimi is a spunky 6 year old girl who loves being alive! Despite being abandoned  with a litter of puppies at a county shelter, missing teeth, and a bad eye, she is a playful happy girl and never complains!



Thanks to your kind donations and support Mimi’s second eye has been saved from juvenile cataracts! Mimi had already lost 100% sight in one eye, so it was very lucky that we were able to raise enough money to save Mimi’s other eye, which had already deteriorated 10%.

We thought Mimi was a senior because she has missing front teeth and a cataract. But we now have discovered this is a hereditary juvenile condition that developed. And it makes perfect sense, because she is full of spunk and energy! At the same time, Mimi will cuddle with you or if you’re not a cuddler and prefer, she’ll play wrestle instead… She aims to please! She’ll run and play with any toy, whether it squeaks or not. This playful little girl even has no problem playing by herself!

Mimi loves throwing around her toys and catching them again. She is super smart and loves to be trained to do new things, she is attentive and mastered “sit” and “leave it” in minutes! And if she can’t find a toy, she’ll make a good time out of helping you unpack a laundry basket or re-arranging some blankets or food bowls! Don’t worry though, since she’s missing those teeth, she never makes holes… works out well actually! Mimi still eats hard food, but we mix it with some warm water.

The first half of Mimi’s life was not kind to her and we are fixing up that wear and tear, but with a personality like this; we won’t give up till we find the perfect person or family who will make the second half of her life, all worth it!