Husky puppy was dumped and left to die

Meet our Salty Dog for the month of December, Trip. Trip is estimated to be a 6-8-month-old Husky puppy weighing only 21 pounds. He was found extremely emaciated and abused – he should weigh 40 pounds for his size and age. He has a fractured pelvis, three broken legs, broken teeth, open wounds, and was covered in fleas and ticks. He was dumped by his former owner to be euthanized at a vet clinic, but our partners at GTS Husky Rescue stepped in to rescue him.

Jupiter Pet Emergency & Specialty Center (the same Vet that helped us save Smokey last year) has graciously agreed to discount his surgical bills to $4,790 in order to save his life. We are confident that with your help we can give Trip a second chance at life.

Husky Puppy

Husky Puppy

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