Help save two best friends left for dead in Albania

For April, we selected two very special Salty Dogs all the way from the country of Albania and are currently in Palm City, Florida. Without our help they would have been left to die there. All the transportation expenses have already been covered; we are now only raising funds to pay for their orthopedic surgeries and our veterinarian, Dr. Steve Hanson, has once again agreed to comp most of the costs involved (he was Destiny’s veterinarian who saved her).

Lea and Bianca
Lea and Bianca

About Lea

Lea who is only now 10 months old was severely abused and left in a remote area in Albania, with four badly broken legs and laid out by the side of the road unable to move, fend for herself, or pull herself to safety. She laid like this for about 3-4 days before someone finally saved her. Lea will be having her life saving surgery ‪on April 23‬ which is an ulna surgery. She will be doing physical therapy at All Creatures Animal Hospital in Stuart following the procedure.


About Bianca

Bianca who is approximately 3 years old has become Lea’s best friend. She found herself in the same hospital in Albania with a severely injured leg with major nerve damage, which has left her in severe pain causing her to bite at it for over a year. When we heard of her plight, we could not leave her behind. Bianca already started laser treatment at Surfside Animal Hospital (in Stuart) to see if we might avoid surgery. We are trying very hard to save her leg with laser therapy and medications, but this problem has been going on for over a year before she came into our care, so amputation may be necessary.


The funds raised will pay for Lea’s orthopedic surgery and physical therapy as well as Bianca’s physical therapy, laser treatments and possible amputation. Bianca has begun laser treatment and Lea starts pre-operative physical therapy next week. Both girls will be in Foster homes before and after surgery (after being released from the hospital). Our ultimate goal is to place them both in an adoptive home and we would love for them to stay together!

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