2 week old newborn Puppy is saved

Meet our Salty Dog of the month for August, “Little Bean.”

This 2-week-old Chinese crested pup was rescued from a puppy mill. He needs a cleft pallet surgery once he is 8 weeks old. It’s a miracle he is alive today!

We will be getting an estimate shortly for his surgery.

Little Bean update as of 9/17/20:

We have come a long way from the first night we took him in about 5 weeks ago . It was an emergency , he was aspirating and turning blue. Every vet we saw suggested euthanasia…

Despite everything, here we are 5 weeks later. Every day is a challenge in its own way and Little Bean is still only 6 ounces but imagine all that we would have missed out on had we let him go.

He does have a cleft palate, but we have now learned it does NOT have to be a death sentence thanks to your support and donations!

We may not know where his story will end, but he seems to be happy and thriving in his own little tiny way. We will see the neurologist on Friday, so we hope and pray that you will continue to support our efforts for Little Bean.

2-week-old Chinese crested pup was rescued from a puppy mill