Milo can see again!

Please consider donating and supporting Milo to grant him his eyesight this new year. He was abandoned by his former owners at age 8 and has several medical conditions, but he still loves life and deserves to see the world again. Dr. Sy Woon was Milo’s vet and diagnosed him with Diabetes before he lost his eyesight. His owners couldn’t afford his insulin, so they requested that Dr. Woon euthanized him instead of treating him. Dr. Woon knew that Milo didn’t deserve to simply be abandoned and she refused to perform what she called “convenience euthanasia.”


Dr. Woon has since taken him on as a foster, and tragically he since lost his eyesight to cataracts, which happens to 75% of Diabetic dogs. He has been approved for surgery (after having a special eye exam, an Echocardiogram and Abdominal Ultrasound) but now we need to raise the funds to make it happen! With your help Milo can have a bright 2019…

UPDATE: thanks to your kind donations we were able to raise the full $750 for Milo’s Cataract Surgery so he will have a bright 2019! Once he has healed fully we will be up for adoption

Milo After Eye Surgery