Animal Shelter Preparedness Guide

COVID-19 Animal Shelter Preparedness Guide

The emergence of COVID-19 designates the need for a guide for shelters to make decisions to maintain lifesaving operations. The possibility of open-intake shelters having to shut down adoption operations does not affect the need to continue to admit animals in need of immediate shelter. The risks associated with this is that shelters take in more animals than they can provide housing or live outcomes and could lead to unnecessary decisions to euthanize animals due to a lack of space.

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COVID-19 Measures

We’ve received several emails and phone calls about concerned guests regarding our watersports activities and COVID-19 in light of the State of Emergency in Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis stated, “it does not mean visitors and families in Florida should be in a state of panic. The state of emergency allows state leaders to take a unified attack on the coronavirus and it allows out of state medical personnel to operate in Florida if necessary. A state of emergency gives quicker access to supplies like masks and equipment for field hospitals.”