South Florida Ocean Bacteria Levels and Algae

Are the Oceans in South Florida Safe for Dogs?

Dog Safety Alert for Algae

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued an animal safety alert related to algae blooms in South Florida. The CDC advises pet owners, if there is a potential cyanobacteria bloom, “When in doubt, it’s best to keep out.” Learn more about cyanobacteria blooms and animal safety below:

Is the ocean in South Florida safe to swim in…?

That is a question we have been asked recently, so we have listed some resources below that you can use on a continual basis to check the (cyanobacteria algae bloom) bacteria levels of the water in South Florida to see if it’s safe for you and your pup!
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Dog in Algae

We hope these resources will keep you and your four-legged friends safe, but when in doubt you can always text our volunteers at (561) 777-5999 and we will check for you! 🙂