SnapChat Dog Ear Filter

There’s been a lot of talk about who originally came up with the SnapChat floppy dog ear filter design. Our supporters will recall that we released the first Dog Ear Snapback hat in the Fall of 2015 and came up with the design that Snapchat used for their filter earlier that year.

Below we have some dated photos of the original sketch of the design before it was digitally designed and one of our volunteers modeling that hat in 2015.

Snapchat dog ear filter
Floppy Dog Ear Design – 2015
floppy dog ear hat
Model wearing floppy dog ear hat

Did you know our hat even appeared on Season 12 of ABC’s The Bachelorette in May 2016 when contestant and winner of that Season, James Taylor, sported it in one of the episodes.

James McCoy Taylor Bachelorette
James McCoy Taylor Bachelorette

You’re welcome SnapChat!