Labor Day Weekend Update

Are we closed or are we open? Are we bringing Spuds MacKenzie back from the dead to Hang Twenty for another Super Bowl commercial? Will Rob Mcelhenney wear another Salty Dog shirt?

All valid questions, so we decided to write a little article about it.

If you’re wondering which of our 20+ locations through the USA are open for the holiday weekend and which are closed simply head on over to our website -> The website will automatically determine the nearest Chapter closest to you (Pacific Northwest, Southern California, or Florida) and will populate the location options for you! Any locations marked with a * means that that location is temporarily closed for the weekend. Our website also won’t allow you to select anything with a “*” as a location option in the checkout process from Friday – Sunday. Remember we offer at-home delivery to every location throughout the United States in case you’d like to keep a board overnight and transport it to your favorite spot yourself.

Now, regarding Spuds MacKenzie and Rob Mcelhenney, for those answers you’ll just have to wait and see and remember that It’s Okay to be Salty… 😉

We are Open for Labor Day!