Save the life of an injured rescue dog this Giving Tuesday

We are kindly asking for emergency veterinary donations towards injured rescue dogs like the dozens of Salty Dogs we have saved over the past few years. Except, this year we are giving back to you! Staring at 7:50am on Tuesday, November 27th, anyone who makes a donation of over $15 will be entered into a raffle to win a Wakeboard. Click HERE for details

With your help we can save dogs like our new mascot – Destiny – who was dragged a half mile along the road by a pickup truck. Salty Dog is about saving those salty dogs that no one else was willing to.

The following comment is on a live video posted of Destiny being reunited with the vet tech who helped save her:

Guys, I seriously can’t stop watching this video. I cannot explain how amazing last night was. I’ve [done] dog rescue for 20 years with my mom and never felt as connected as I did with Des. My heart is so very happy. Thank you.

-Lynda Bowes

If we can raise $1,500 this holiday season – that will literally pay the average cost to save the life of an injured dog (including leg amputation, 3rd degree burn treatments, or river rot) and help with extreme injuries like being dragged by a vehicle.

Dog dragged along the road by a truck becomes a Dodo Hero