May 2, 2018

Welcome Aboard

Congratulations on your patient being selected as a Salty Dog of the month! This means that your patient is in need of emergency veterinary care in order to overcome a tragedy. There is no specific breed, age, gender, location or species required to be a Salty Dog of the month, except we ask that the nominee needs to be an animal that is in need of emergency medical care or life-saving actions. We do not assist with routine or preventative care that nonprofit vets provide services for (i.e. seizure medications, chemotherapy, physical therapy, etc). Below are some questions and answers about the Sponsorship:

Salty Dog Beneficiary Q&A

Congratulations on your patient receiving a Sponsorship this month! Below is a quick Q&A to help you understand the benefits of being sponsored by the charity.

1. What is a Salty Dog?

           A Salty Dog is a nautical term that comes from servicemen in the United States Navy and Marine Corps. It is an ornery person who has worked aboard a ship or worked on land to the point that their clothes become bleached from their sweat. We use this term for the canines and other animals we help since many of them have gone through tough pasts similar to human “salty dogs.”

2. What is Salty Dog Paddle?

           Established in 1977, we are a publicly funded charity that raises money through watersports activities and by selling our surf brand apparel. We are both the largest nonprofit surf brand as well as the largest public watersports charity in America.

3. How can I help Salty Dog raise money for MY Salty Dog?

           a. By organizing group watersports activities. Popular group activities are surfing lessons, stand-up paddleboarding lessons (SUP) and group ecological tours / party excursions on SUPs and/or Kayaks such as “Full Moon Paddles.” We can also organize the event for you if you have at least 3 guests that would like to attend. We have facilitated activities like this for hundreds of participants, so there is no limit to the amount we can accommodate!

           b. By referring YOUR customers to OUR website ( to purchase clothing and apparel items called “Salty Swag.” We have plenty of professional photos you can use for Social Media posts.

           c. By attending our events and fundraisers such as “Yappy Hours.” See our website or Facebook for the event links. Please help us by allowing us to help you!

           d. By referring guests to book private lessons and tours. Make sure you refer them to our Facebook and Instagram as well as our website.

    e. By referring your colleagues, customers or friends to our partner page at Chewy:

    f. By purchasing anything on and selecting Salty Dog Paddle as your charity of choice.

4. How much money can be raised?

           You are directly responsible for the amount of money raised. Since we are volunteer-based, your Salty Dog will receive 100% of the funds we RECEIVE from ANYTHING in the month period you have been chosen for subject to amount required from the treating veterinarian (listed in the invoice(s) you submit. We have raised anywhere from $0 – $10,000 based on the participation of the Salty Dog’s owners (rescue / individual).

5. How will we receive the funds?

           We mail checks directly to the veterinary clinic/hospital treating your Salty Dog. It is important that you let them know to expect an acknowledgment letter from us, which they will need to sign prior to us issuing the funds. If they do not sign the letter, we cannot release the funds until they do.

6. How else can we help?

           By going to the vet after your Salty Dog’s surgery:

7. Is there any way I can get an advance since my dog needs surgery now?

Yes! We can send a Guaranty and Suretyship Agreement to your vet promising to cover the expense if they defer billing. In the medical field we call this exchange Subrogation, which is similar to an insurance company paying for the patient under a Certificate of Insurance. So, in this case the vet may seek a subrogation claim (the substitution of one person or group by another in respect of a debt or insurance claim, accompanied by the transfer of any associated rights and duties) from us to pay for your bill. Another option would be to pay out of pocket and then have the vet reimburse you after they receive the check from us.

8. How can I thank you?

We ask that you please leave a review for the charity at the following link:

-Salty Dog Board of Advisors

Instagram: @SaltyDogPaddle

Facebook: @SaltyDogPaddle

If you have not done so already, please be sure to complete your Sponsorship Agreement HERE