May 23, 2016

Related Animal Organizations

Related Animal Rights Organizations

  • The American Humane Association (AHA), founded in 1877, brings together leaders in the animal community to share ideas and information and support joint action on range of issue important in animal welfare (Zawistowski 2008).  AHA offers an array of training courses in animal rescue, certification in euthanasia, humane education and various other topics.  AHA also oversees the treatment of animals that appear in films and televisions.
  • The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is the sponsor of the largest animal conference, Animal Care Expo which brings together animal shelter professionals, veterinarians, behaviorists, experts in fundraising, and others in animal welfare.  HSUS also provided consultation and evaluation services for animal shelters.  HSUS also provides others resources such as Animal Sheltering, a monthly publication for animal shelters and Pets for Life program which offers behavior tips and problem-solving skills to keep pets with families.
  • The National Animal Control Association (NACA) was formed to support the movement toward more professional animal control management (Zawistowski 2008).  The association sponsors the NACA Training Academy, an annual conference and NACA News, a bi-monthly newsletter.  The academy formalizes the skills required by an animal control officer.
  • The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) created a National Shelter Outreach department to provide training and assistance for animal shelters around the country (Zawistowski 2008).
  • The Society of Animal Welfare Administrators (SAWA) was formed in 1970, as a way to share information and ideas among the executives who run animals shelters (Zawistowski & Morris 2004).
  • Countdown 2 Zero (C2Z) The Countdown 2 Zero Adoption Event is a collaborative effort in Palm Beach County between local animal rescues in an effort to save lives. Countdown 2 Zero is public/private community collaboration, initiated by Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, the Board of County Commissioners and Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League to bring animal welfare organizations together and end the euthanasia of adoptable animals in Palm Beach County.

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