August 8, 2019

SUP for Pups Paddler Instructions

Date: Saturday, September 7th

Location: Pioneer Park
217 NE 5th Ave
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441


Sign up: until September 7th at 7:30AM
Pre-race course run: 7AM – 7:59AM
5K Race Commencement: 8AM – 9AM
Cleanup Rentals Open up: 8:05AM
Intracoastal Cleanup: 8:05AM – 10AM
Awards Ceremony: 10:30AM
After-Party at Oceans 234 (20% off for all participants): 11AM – 1PM


There are 3 separate parking lots you may use.

Pioneer Park Deerfield Beach
Pioneer Park Deerfield Beach


Please Check in at the Salty Dog Paddle tent before 8AM to receive your number. The race will start promptly at 8AM.


  • Each racer must have a PFD and leash.
  • No drafting the wake of smaller boards or female paddlers i.e. a 14 foot board may not trail a 12 foot board, but a 12 foot board may trail a 14 foot board.
  • You must stand at all times – if your knee or butt touches the board once the race begins it is a disqualification.
  • You may not touch any other paddlers or their boards.
  • You may stop at Capone Island (Deerfield Island Park) to rest.
  • If you fall off your board it is a disqualification; however, if you are knocked off by excessive wake from a boat you may get back up and continue the race.

Starting Line: The starting line will be the second post from the end of the dock. Please line your boards up across the canal with race-boards (12.6 or 14 displacement hulls) in the front.

Course: You will follow the right side of the main canal only making slight right turns (bearing right) until you get to Capone Island (Deerfield Island Park). You will make two full left turns around the island and continue to overlap where you paddled before reaching the island. The course is 5K and should take less than 1 hour to complete (by 9AM).

SUP for Pups Map
SUP for Pups Map – Click for PDF

Finish Line: You will return to the main boat launch ramp upon completion.

Vantage Point for Spectators: Racers will be passing underneath the Federal Hwy bridge next to Marina One Yacht Club and Sunstar Aquatic Services/Diveboat Diversity.


Please wait until all racers have departed before you set out on the cleanup. We will be looking for floating trash around Capone Island (Deerfield Island Park), which is pictured above. We ask that you please return before 10:00AM for the awards ceremony.

Cleanup Renters

Rental boards are being offered for free to use for the waterway cleanup; however, we will require a credit card to hold while you have the board as security. A temporary charge of $100 will be placed on the card and returned to you once you return all equipment in good condition. Any damages will be deducted from the deposit. Rentals are limited to 1 board per credit card.


Oceans 234 in Deerfield Beach is hosting an after-party for all participants from 11AM – 1PM. Be sure to get your 20% off gift certificate at the Salty Dog tent when you check in. Reservations are strongly recommended prior to the race: (954) 428-2539.