SUP for Pups 5K 2019 Results




Place / Division


Jose Antonio Fastest 3 1st overall 33:02
Mark Hewitt Fastest 16 2nd overallll 35:15
Gerseli Angeli Female 15 3rd overallll, 1st female 39:13
Samantha Dishman Female 2 4th overalled 40:18
Heather Allewelt Female/with dog 11 1st dog, 1st all-around, 6th overallst all-around, 6th overall 57:46
Robert Cawood Fastest 6 5th overalll 40:26
Robyn Huff With Dog 13 7th overalll 1:05
Layla Crehan Fastest/Female 4 8th overalll 1:07
Audrey Benassi All-around 17 9th overalll 1:13
Joel Pineiro All-around 18 10th overallall 1:13
Deborah London All-around/with dog 12 11th overallall 1:13
Arkady Vaknansky Fastest
Carl Nichols Fastest
Christian Skillen All-around 9  
Dawn McCullough Fastest
Enid Nichols Fastest
Estefania Holt Female/with dog 10  
Heather Allewelt Fastest
Jasmine Page Smith All-around  
Jeffrey Friedman All-around 5  
Matthew Straney With Dog 14  
Tomas Boiton Fastest
Vanessa Kozakov Fastest
Yary Fredericks Fastest
Willy Choy Fastest
Yunis Rodriguez Fastest
Clinton Cimring Fastest 1    
SUP for Pups 5K Intracoastal Challenge

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