Save a puppy thrown out of a car window

Meet our Salty Dog of the month for August. Wylie is a 9-month old puppy that was thrown out of a car window by his former owner while driving. He will need extensive surgery to correct his legs and hips.

Wylie already has had an approved adopter that has been waiting patiently to adopt him but we can’t adopt him out in this condition. Please help us meet our goal for his surgery so he can go home forever!

Dog thrown out of window
Dog thrown out of window
Dog XRay of dog missing femoral head

This poor little puppy was thrown out of a moving vehicle like he was trash. Despite going through such trauma, Wylie’s personality has blossomed and he is just the sweetest dog despite all the pain he’s in.

Wylie has already had double ear surgeries, sarcoptic mange, and now needs double hip surgeries and has a luxating patella (trick knee). He does not have sockets for his femoral head on his back legs to fit into so a vet must build the sockets for him in order to walk. On top of the crushed sockets, his kneecap is permanently dislocated and slides around freely. This makes even going for walks very painful. Running and playing like a normal puppy are completely out of the question until he has the surgery.

He has to be carried most of the time and is walking on his own less and less as he grows and the pain becomes greater as a result. Please show Wylie that he deserves a second chance at life by donating to help save his life.

UPDATE as of Friday, September 13th: We have raised enough funds for Wylie’s hip surgery, so we will now have a second chance at life thanks to your support!

Wylie Puppy
Puppy Thrown away by previous owner
Puppy thrown out of car window by former owner tries to walk again

After Photos

Wylie Salty Dog after surgery
Wylie Salty Dog after surgery
Wylie Salty Dog after surgery

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