Promotion and Event Manager Job – Palm Beach

Promotions Manager

Salty Dog Paddle, a Volunteer-based public charity is hiring Promotion and Event Manager for its Palm Beach Chapter. The candidate must reside in either Broward or Palm Beach County and must have weekends and at least 2 weeknights per week open to be considered. Preference will be given to individuals with over 5 years of experience in high-volume hospitality venues (restaurants, hotels, tours, etc).


Experience in the industry will supersede a college degree and if an individual is applying with a degree preference will be given to a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communication, or hospitality from a rated 4-Year institution such as UM, UF, FSU, FIU, FAU, UCF, NSU, PBA, etc.

Preference will be given to candidates who look professional, are personable, friendly and outgoing. There is no uniform/dress requirement.

Applicants who have been convicted of a Felony or serious Misdemeanor such as a DUI in any state and for any reason will automatically be disqualified.

Applicants must be fairly physically fit and able to carry pop-up shop items weighing up to 50 lbs.

Applicants must have reliable transportation – i.e. own their vehicle to transport apparel items and displays.

Dog Etiquette: You do not need to have owned a dog to qualify. However, since most of our events are dog-themed you must familiarize yourself with dog etiquette. This means, no toys at events, no retractable leashes, No unspayed or unneutered (do not bring intact dogs to events), dogs must be vaccinated with rabies tags, no untrained aggressive dogs or dogs that bark constantly. If you discover an issue like this your job will be to diffuse it as soon as etiquette is broken. If you bring your dog to events you must set an example of Dog Etiquette.

About the position

The Promotion and Event Manager for Palm Beach will oversee volunteers at events/fundraisers and will be responsible for running the clothing and apparel tables at the same events similar to a “pop-up shop.”

This is an extremely rewarding job (in saving animal’s lives who would not otherwise have a second chance at life). Since 2015 we have raised more than 1 million dollars for injured rescue dogs and helped save more animals than any other nonprofit brand anywhere in the world.

Salary / Hourly Pay: This is a part-time / partially volunteer position, so the pay rate will be a little lower than in Private Foundations since the candidate is being paid from Sponsorship funds in order to ensure that the mission of – distributing 100% of all income every month to an injured rescue dog – is followed. $12/Hour with a raise to $15/Hour after Four consecutive successful events and 25% Commission on any Sponsorship Sales up to $3,000 per Month.

To apply please visit THIS link.

*Applicants who do not fill out the application at the link above will NOT be considered.

Promotion and Event Manager
Promotion and Event Manager – click HERE to apply