January 7, 2018

Deerfield Beach Open Ocean – Rough

The Deerfield Beach stand-up paddleboarding tour is another open ocean tour similar to Delray Beach.  Like the Delray Beach paddle, the conditions at Deerfield Beach can be much rougher than most of our paddleboarding tours since it is in the actual open ocean, so we recommend this paddle only for more experienced paddlers and excellent swimmers. The waters in this area of Deerfield Beach are crystal clear and you may be able to get a good view of marinelife underneath the pier. This is also a scuba diving hot spot for local scuba divers and was the location of a world record scuba diving attempt in 2017 with Dixie Divers.

If you are not a proficient paddler, but would like to paddleboard in Deerfield Beach then we recommend our Capone Island Eco Tour, which is also great for a private lesson!

Dogs are not allowed at this location unfortunately.

Surfing and Rough Paddle Spot

This location is also one of our surfing drop-in spots if you are renting surfboards or would like a private surfing lesson!


Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier
200 NE 21st Ave
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Watersports Pricing

Vessel2-HR Rental 4-HR Rental 8-HR Rental Private AccompanimentDelivery FeeLong-Term
SUP$21 per hour$15 per hour$9 per hour$85 per paddler$25$54 per day
Regular Kayak$22.50 per hour$14.50 per hour$10.50 per hourN/A$25N/A
Tandem Double Kayak$25 per hour$16 per hour$11 per hourN/A$25N/A
Surfboard$20 per hour$14 per hour$8 per hour$62 per surfer$25$48 per day
*Rental pricing is based on QTY 2+ and 25% discount applied to rentals of 3+

Please note: As a volunteer-based charity, all proceeds are donated to our Salty Dog of the month each month – we do not retain any portion.

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What to Bring

  • Water
  • Sunblock
  • Bathing suit
  • Towel

Photos from past Paddleboarding tours of Deerfield Beach:

Deerfield Beach Pier Cleanup
Deerfield Beach paddle Deerfield Beach paddle Deerfield Beach paddle  Deerfield Beach paddle Deerfield Beach paddle Deerfield Beach paddle Deerfield Beach paddle Deerfield Beach paddle

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