Mister Tyson Happy Tail

The Barks, Babes, & Brews Chairdog Mr. Tyson’s Happy Tail

We are very pleased to update you that the Chairdog of Barks Babes and Brews, Mr. Tyson has made a full recovery and is now back at the beach being the Salty Dog he was born to be!

You can read about Mister Tyson’s original post HERE

Since the surgery to remove the basket-ball sized tumor from his abdomen, Mr. Tyson has made a full recovery despite a 30% chance to live, as diagnosed by his vet! Mr. Tysons’s human Ellia told us that he is a miracle dog, and he couldn’t have made it without all the prayers and everyone being by his side. “Everyone ❤🐾❤🐾 thank you so much for everything, Mister Tyson is truly a miracle and first and foremost I want to thank GOD for making this happen, and I want to thank everyone that was involved in Tyson fight for his life 🐶”

Ellia also told us that she is so truly blessed to be his mommy and every single weekend he is back out at the beach with her and is enjoying every moment of his second chance at life.

We can’t wait to take Mr. Tyson Paddleboarding on our next Puppy Paddle!

Mr. Tyson with Clinton Cimring

Mr. Tyson with Clinton Cimring