Mister Tyson – A True Salty Dog Tail

Mister Tyson is an 8 years old red nose pit who is full of life, love and has touched many hearts over the past 7 years. Tyson suffered a fall a few weeks ago, that ruptured a mass in his stomach. The mass turned out to be a basketball sized tumor that bled internally. His mom, Ellia, took him to the hospital when he started acting lethargic. With the dim prognosis in mind, Ellia took Tyson home to make sure all the people who loved him had the chance to say goodbye.

Mister Tyson

Mister Tyson

Back at home Tyson started to come alive again wagging his tail. He even drank water and was eating again. Ellia was hopeful but still realized his situation was not very hopeful. After speaking to few more people about his condition even after this spontaneous emerging, Ellia decided to take him to the beach for one last walk, which he always loved so much. Ellia said that as she entered the room and told him, “We’re going to the beach, he got up and walked to the beach unassisted while marking every tree and electrical post on the way! That gave me hope, but I was still set on euthanasia, per the vet’s recommendation.”

Mr. Tyson

Mr. Tyson

After Tyson jumped into the ocean, Ellia threw a stick, which he joyfully retrieved from the water and begged for more, but she did not want to push him. He then traipsed around the beach and found a patch of grass to chew on. Ellia said at this point she “immediately took him to another beach location that had an abundance of grasses because I realized he was trying to heal himself.” Tyson returned from the beach trip from a dead dog walking to a dog full of hope and so did his mom.

Tyson now has a chance at the life he once had with surgery to take the enormous tumor out of his abdomen. Ellia said the experience gave her so much hope after mentally burying him and almost taking him to the hospital to be euthanized. “I really think that he can pull though this. I can’t say more about what a great dog he is and how much he deserves this chance, but I can tell you that I’ve tried every option and this is the last one to raise the money for his surgery. And I’m going to do everything I can now that I know he is fighting for his second chance at life.”

Abdominal Tumor in Dog

Abdominal Tumor in Mister Tyson

Ellia is hoping to raise $5,000 for his surgery and has raised $750 so far. “I’ve had him for 7 years, and he can live another 6; he is a fighter. I do believe that he can pull through. Please help with whatever you can, I can really use the help and without you he will not make it.” Based on Ellia’s story and in the spirit of the United States Marine Corps’ mascot, Cpl. Chesty XIV, we at Salty Dog Paddle have decided to make Mister Tyson the first four-legged honorary Chair of the Second Annual Barks, Babes & Brews. You can read more about Tyson and make a contribution to his GoFundMe page.

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