Discarded puppy gets a Christmas Miracle

Luna, a little puppy only a few weeks old, was pulled from the highest kill shelter in Texas. She was surrendered covered in fleas & ticks and had a dislocated hind left leg. She was rushed to Jupiter Pet Emergency & Specialty Center back in Florida where they also discovered that she had a fractured left tibia. Luna already underwent a left tibial fracture repair. The tibia fracture was so severe that they had to put a plate and multiple screws in her leg to mend it back together. She also tested positive for both roundworms and tapeworms. She is currently being treated to become internally healthy again. After 6 weeks of strict crate rest the surgeon will do another X-RAY to assess how her fragile bones have healed and if all goes well, she will then start her rehabilitation process to walk again.

Luna was left to die at a kill shelter but we knew she had a fighting chance

Let’s give this puppy a Christmas Miracle and give her a fighting chance at a normal life.

UPDATE as of January: thanks to your kind donations we raised enough money for Luna’s surgeries and she is now going through physical therapy!

Husky Puppy Recovery
Husky Puppy Recovery
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UPDATE: as of January: Luna has made a full recovery from her surgery and has been adopted to her forever home!