How to Get Your Dog Enjoy SUP with You

Do you love fishing with your dogs? We bet you’ll love going stand-up paddleboarding with them too!

Spending time in the waters is truly rewarding, much more if you enjoy it with your pooch. So, why not try something new like SUP, an exciting activity that can help deepen the bond between you and your furry companion?

The next time your plan on bringing your paddleboards to the lake, make sure to bring your dog with you too! However, there are necessary pointers to keep in mind, so you and your dog have a safe, enjoyable time in the waters.

Are you ready to go SUP with your four-legged companion? Then, let’s dive into this guide to get your dog to enjoy the activity with you!


Familiarize your dog with your board

A week before your planned SUP trip, get your dog familiar with your board. Your SUP should be stable, wide, sturdy, and wide. Lay your board on the living room, garage, or any room where your board fits, then let your dog explore it. The goal is to make them see it as a fun thing and something he doesn’t have to fear.

Let them sniff around, explore every part of the board, and even plank on it. They may walk or not walk on it, but if the case is the latter, don’t force your pup to walk over it.

After two days, place a treat on the board to encourage your pup to walk on it and munch on it. And once they got the treat, command them to sit and reward them with another treat if they obeyed.

Don’t expect your dog to ride the barrel right away. Instead, take the process slowly at every step and reward your dog occasionally. Your dog will enjoy it in no time!

Gather essential equipment

Your dog will need the following safety essentials:

  • A well-fitted life jacket
  • Fresh water and bowl
  • Sunscreen

Time to practice!

Once they’re already comfortable with your paddleboard, it’s time to get them familiar with PFD. First, make sure the one you get hugs their body perfectly. Then, let your pooch wear it around the house.

Now, it’s time to teach them commands for getting on and off the board. Simple words such as “on” and “off” should work. Use hand motions, offer them treats, and guide them so that they can quickly get the hang of it.

Now that your dog is familiar with the new special commands, it’s time to practice sitting and standing on the board with him. Command your pup to get on the board and sit in his designated spot. Make sure to hand out a dog treat to make this a positive, rewarding experience for them.

Head to the water

It’s time to take your learnings to the waters! Go to a pool or a lake, then run through all the preparations you did together, still using treats as a reward. Practice falling, too, to see how your dog would react and cope up should this situation occur in the future.

Closing thoughts

SUP can be exciting, but having your dog get the hang of it takes time and effort. But don’t worry about the tedious preparation you have to go through because everything will pay off in the end. So, be patient, establish a rewarding experience, and in no time, you and your pooch will enjoy it too!

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