Help save a staffy puppy hit by a car and left for dead

Joel is a 10-month-old staffy puppy who not had the best start but is still so loving and just a big goofy puppy, which is why we made him the Salty Dog for March.

Staffy Puppy Hit by Car
Staffy Puppy

A few weeks ago, a foster picked up Joel in a pool of his own blood. He had been hit by a car and left to die. She took him to hospital where they had to partially amputate his tail and ear due to it being dead-tissue. Based upon his wounds, the vet said he had been walking around injured for at least a week. His body was riddled with infection and the fear was whether they could save his leg, which also has a fractured tibia. The vet’s office has been treating his infection and he will have surgery on his leg March 4. He had been hospitalized previously for 2 weeks for wound care.

Joel is the most loving, delicious, forgiving and appreciative baby. We desperately need funds to assist in the payment of his 3rd surgery to repair his fractured tibia, which will cost $1,195.

Dog hit by car
Dog hit by car
Dog hit by car
Dog hit by car
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