R.I.P. Athena

Let us introduce our Salty Dog of the month for February – Athena!
Athena was abandoned in a vacant apartment after she was used for breeding and tossed away like trash 6 years ago. Athena found an amazing new home and has come so far but she was recently diagnosed with Osteosarcoma! Athena had to have her leg amputated to relieve her pain from the tumor in her leg. This sweet, loving and playful rescue pup now will need Chemotherapy to overcome this obstacle!
Athena is our Salty Dog of the Month for February and we hope you will help us support her and overcome this hurtle!

Salty Dog of the Month

Update as of April: we would like to thank all of our supporters for their kind donations. Unfortunately, Athena did not get better after her leg was amputated. The Osteosarcoma spread throughout her body and unfortunately the Chemotherapy was not enough to stop the cancer. Athena had a great life with her adopted family after being saved.