Boomer Happy Tail

​Meet Boomer! This sweet playful puppy (5 months old) was born with deformities on both his front legs. To no fault of his own he was born with these deformities due to over breeding from a puppy mill.



Boomer’s “Breeder” had sent him to be euthanized! With the thought that he wasn’t normal so he shouldn’t be given the chance to live and be loved.

With Boomers demeanor and loving life attitude we knew this could not be the pups future.

Our friends at Justin Bartlett Animal rescue got this pup the medical care he needed!

He is still in a recovery stage since he will need to see an orthopedic surgeon often and eventually get a wheel chair for his front legs once he’s grown. He does get abscess on his front limbs from frolicking and playing like happy puppies do, but we could not give up on this boy – he’s too sweet!

The funds raised from Our third annual Barks, Babes and Bros event have given Boomer a brighter future, a chance at a loving family and has saved countless more puppies in distress!



Posted by Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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