2017 Boca Bash Rain Date 4/30

The Boca Bash is a gathering that took place at Lake Boca on Sunday April 30th, 2017. A gathering of people brought together by the promise of sun, sound, and energy. The energy of thousands of people on boats, rafts, tubes, jet skis, paddle boards, and just about anything else you can manage to float on!

If for 1 day a year, thousands of people, woke up at the crack of dawn, threw on board shorts, strapped on the bikinis, got to their boats, fired up the engines, packed the coolers, prepped the kegs, grabbed the bottles, rallied the super soakers, wired the speakers & subs, playlists ready, took just enough sunscreen, inflated the rafts, and set the sails for one place all day to make a memory that lasts the whole year… where were you?

Boca Bash

Boca Bash

Things to KNOW:
• Boca Inlet is prone to constant changes in shoaling. With an east wind and outgoing tide, the inlet becomes impassible to small craft. SAFE PASSAGE REQUIRES LOCAL KNOWLEDGE.
• Lake Boca has a very shallow center, this is often blocked off by Patrol.
• The Palmetto Park Road bridge opens on the hour and on the half hour.
• The Boca Inlet Bridge opens on demand. The bridge has a relatively high clearance and typically can accommodate a sport fish without a tuna tower and with outriggers lowered
• In Florida, the BAC limit for a boat is .08 – the same as a car. For minors (under 21), the limit is .02 BAC.
• Be safe and always aware of your surroundings.

The Official Checklist:
Food & Beverage

PLEASE keep the waters clean and garbage free. It is because of responsibility that we are continually allowed to have this event. Do not be the group that ruins this tradition because you refused to be a responsible party.

By request, Salty Dog rented SUPs all day for a $50 donation, which went towards the cleanup after the event on Monday.

Visit our Lake Boca tour page for details on the area that they paddled in case you missed it!

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