May 18, 2016


Did you know that we are 100% Volunteer-Based? All of our Staff Members are Volunteers

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Active Duty Squad

CO: Clinton Warren Cimring

XO: Samantha Dishman

Bringing up the Rear

Holly Whitford, PT

Dustin Rhodes

Lori LeBeau

Michael Weppner

Jenny Wright


Clinton Warren Cimring, CO

Clinton Cimring

Clinton Warren Cimring

Founder of Salty Dog Paddle, Clinton Cimring is a well-known philanthropist, animal rights activist and advocate, and TV spokesperson and OIF / OEF US Marine Corps Veteran. He currently services on the Boards of several South Florida charities including Tri-County Animal Rescue, ANA Art, Discrimination Free Zone, CWC Consulting and the Verhaeghe Family Foundation. Clinton was one of the first people in the USA to SUP while he was stationed at Camp Pendleton while he served in the USMC in 2004. He is now a sponsored pro paddler and SUP surfer and a true Salty Dog himself.

Holly Whitford, PT, Grunt Squad Member

Holly Whitford

Holly Whitford

Holly is a Board Member for Salty Dog and pro paddler of 10 years. She also works full time as a Physical Therapist at Saylor Physical Therapy.